Hand carved woodland crafts from the Assynt Woods

Wood is magical to work with. I love finding a fallen tree or branch, turning it over in my hands, looking at its individual shape, its unique characteristics and letting ideas form on what it could become.

I work with wood when it’s green, recently fallen or felled, still fresh and supple. Using traditional hand tools to carve through its history I work with the grain and the natural lines, leaving the bark on to create something distinctive that remembers its past as a living tree shaped by the landscape and climate of the North West Highlands.

Based in Assynt, I try and source all my wood locally and sustainably from windblown trees or those felled to keep roads or services clear.

Every item is hand carved and unique from spoons, ladles and bowls to candle holders, stools and chairs. I balance form and function to produce rustic crafts and furniture that are good to use and beautiful to look at making them the perfect addition to your home, a gift for someone special or a memento of your time in Assynt.

See the Gallery page for the crafts made and the Outlets page for where you can buy them.